Jumping bears


We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

This half term we are reading the story of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. We are talking about the texture of things, how the bear is feeling, family outings and holidays, and looking at the beginning letter sounds of the repetitive words in the story such as Swishy, swashy, splash, splosh, squelch, squirch, hoo, woo, stumble trip, tip toe. Challenge your child to see if they can hear and say the letter sounds that the words begin with. 


Where is the bear?

We have been learning all about positional language. The children built bear caves and then followed instructions to place the bear in the correct place E.g. Can you put the bear inside the cave?

We are practicing on, inside, next to, in front, behind and under. Can you help your child by practicing these words at home with a favourite teddy or toy.

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