Where does it belong?

Today the children worked in a small group to sort some play food into food groups. They had to decide if it was a fruit, vegetable, meat or something else. They then had to put some things on a plate that they thought were healthy or un-healthy and tell us why.

 Eleanor said” Strawberry is healthy, because it makes you better so you can run around”.

Benjamin said” Carrots are healthy because they give you night vision and help you see in the dark”.

Emily said” I think bread is healthy because it’s big”.

What do you think is healthy?


Sandwich making

This week, we have been reading a story called, The Sandwich That Max Made. It is all about a boy who makes a sandwich with lots of ingredients on it. We made our own sandwich with some of the ingredients that were in the story. We had to spread, chop, grate and cut. we even got to try some cheese with holes in!

What would your favourite sandwich be?



Today the children were given two colours of playdough and were challenged to make an animal from the story Dear Zoo.

Some people made a giraffe, some a monkey and we even tried a camel!


Help Needed

The Zoo keeper needs your help. He has to feed all the animals but is unsure how many he has altogether. Can you help him by counting the animals and then post your answer in the comments or write it down and bring it into class.